Affordable Gadgets

We are a small family run business who have been in business for 25 years!
Our store is based in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire (OM Enterprises)

Our main areas of expertise are.....

  • Telephony (Custom Extensions, Handsets etc. )
  • TV accessories - Brackets, Aerials, Satellite/coax Cables, Remotes...
  • Disco/DJ Lighting - LED Lighting, Starcloths, Smoke/Bubble Machines, Disco Balls
  • Professional and Affordable Sound Solutions - including Bluetooth speakers, adapters and receivers, Live music/DJ/Disco systems, Amps, Speakers and more....
  • Many types of Custom length/connection cables
  • Power Adapters - Universal adapters, Car mobile chargers, Laptop Power Adapters....
  • Security Cameras CCTV Setups, CB Radio's
  • Computer and Ipod accessories - USB flash drives, Ipod/Iphone docks, Memory Cards, Webcams, USB Speakers, Modems, Mice and Keyboards............Plus Plenty more!
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